August 13, 2008

I heart Re-ment.

I am completely and totally enamored with Re-ment.

When the girls and I started our dollhouse project I started poking around the Internet for inspiration. I was looking through Flickr at pictures of dollhouses and kept seeing adorable accessories in the rooms. The accessories were incredibly-detailed little cups and plates, appliances and every sort of food imaginable. One of the photos finally listed "Re-ment" as the maker of the accessories in the photos. I quickly found the Re-ment website and was immediately hooked.

Re-ment is a Japanese company that makes plastic, hand-painted miniatures of household items and sells them in boxed sets. They are intended to be purchased by children and traded like Pokemon cards. And, just like Pokemon cards, they come in themed sets but you're never quite sure exactly what's going to be in the box you open. I read online that Re-ment is sold at Japanese stores so the girls and I headed to Mitsuwa, a local Japanese store. Mitsuwa is a grocery store, several Japanese restaurants, a travel agency, a book store and a home goods store. We roamed around for awhile until I found the aisle stocked with Hello Kitty candy, erasers shaped like food, Pokemon trading cards and Re-ment! Unfortunately, they only had Re-ment furniture in stock but the girls and I had fun anyway just being in the store. (And the girls were thrilled when we found a little machine that dispenses itty bitty Disney princesses complete with their own display stands.)

We went back home, got online and placed our first Re-ment order. Our goodies were waiting for us when we got home from Montana. The last picture shows our s'mores set. The scale is a smidge larger than dollhouse scale -- 1:8 instead of 1:12 -- but the things are so fun. Even the Sterno is three separate pieces. This stuff is going to be an absolute nightmare to keep track of -- the lid of the baby bottle is already somewhere underneath our stove -- but darn it's cute!

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