August 3, 2008

A glorious week in Big Sky country..."Of all the memorable views, the best have been framed by Montana windows."

Today was the first full day of our Montana vacation.

Each summer we join Eric's family for a week at their cabin on Lake Inez in the Seeley-Swan Valley. This year 14 of us came to Montana, including Eric's three brothers, four of our nephews and one of our nieces. (Only one of the eight grandchildren wasn't able to come.) It is especially fun for our girls because they have cousins to play with -- their cousin Foster is only eight weeks younger than they are and their cousin Miya is two and a half years older and has all of that "big girl cool" about her -- and cousins who are older and will carry them around or take them on great adventures.

Today was filled with all kinds of lake fun. We swam. We kayaked. Papa Bud let Kenna drive the blue boat and Michal went on a kayaking adventure with Eric that included picking flowers off the lily pads and helping a beaver build it's dam by "shoving a stick in it."

There really is something magical about Montana that defies description. It's beautiful and unspoiled and has a ruggedness about it that you simply don't find anywhere else. There are endless vistas, lots of animals and very few people. It truly is one of the prettiest places I've ever been.

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