August 25, 2008

First Day of Preschool

This was our conversation this morning as we were getting ready for the girls' first day of school . . .

Michal: "Are they going to teach me something at preschool today?

Me: "I hope they'll teach you something."

Michal: "I think they're going to teach me how to do a flip."

Me: "Honey, this isn't gymnastics class. This is preschool."

Michal: "I know Mommy but they're definitely going to teach me how to do a flip."

When I picked up Michal and Kenna today, after attending the mandatory parent meeting, both girls were equally smitten with this oh-so-cool motor home they'd played with while they were at school. It's pink-and-white-pop-out-side goodness even made one little girl forget that no one taught her how to do a flip.

Kenna is in black and white and Michal, who still doesn't know how to do a flip, is in red and white.

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