August 8, 2008

A day in Big Fork. And Happy Birthday Papa Dick!

Today we drove through the Seeley-Swan Valley to Big Fork, a super cute town with great stores and restaurants, and simply spectacular views. Eric and I have been there several times before but never with the girls.

We ate lunch and then walked around the town for awhile. In the very first store we went into a woman approached me to tell me that there were a set of triplets, who were adopted from China, who were in her daughter's theater class in town. A couple stores later, in a beautiful antique store, a woman -- who was Chinese -- again told me about the triplets and showed me a picture of them on the cover of LA Parent Magazine. It turns out they live in Big Fork for part of the year and California for the other part of the year. I wish we would have bumped into them.

Big Fork sits right on the edge of Flathead Lake, which is an enormous glacial lake. All around the lake are cherry orchards and stands selling cherries. The cherries are probably my favorite part of being by Flathead Lake. Eric and I ate so many on the drive home that we both had a stomachache by the time we got back to the cabin.

The girls went tubing again once we were home -- behind the kayak -- and then, after dinner, made s'mores -- lots and lots of s'mores.

P.S. Happy Birthday Papa Dick! We hope you're doing something fun today.

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