August 2, 2008

Come fly with me.

Today we flew to Montana. This was Michal and Kenna's 21st airplane flight and these are two girls who love to be on an airplane. They've recently figured out that if they say "hi" to the pilot when they're getting off the plane, they'll be invited into the cockpit to "fly" the plane. They are so funny once they're in the cockpit. They both start asking the pilot endless questions . . . "Are those your sunglasses?" "Are you wearing wings?" "Are you the pilot or the co-pilot?" "What is that noise?" "Why isn't the plane flying now?" It goes on and on until nearly everyone is off the plane and I coax them out of the cockpit.

On our last flight, once we started our descent, Kenna launched into a song that went something like, "If the pilot invites me to, I'm going to fly the plane." Luckily, the pilot invited her to come in the cockpit and she, Michal and their babies did indeed get to fly the plane.

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