August 6, 2008

Bubbles. Boats. Princess socks and airplanes.

Today we went tubing again and this time it was behind a "real boat." Greer went, then Miya and then Michal and me. (Kenna declared she only wanted to go in the tube behind the kayak.) Michal cracked me up when she threw her arms up in the air like she was on a roller coaster.

After lunch, the girls and I made those weaving-on-a-plastic-loom potholders that I made as a kid. After they stretched loops across all the pegs, I had to do the over-under part for them. While I was busy weaving they invented "princess socks" because who needs a loom when you have toes?

And then tonight we made and flew little airplanes . . . until Eric flew one and got it stuck in a tree, which lead to a contest of who could get it out of the tree.

Greer won.

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