August 4, 2008

The best boats are made with bananas.

Today the girls went in the innertube . . . behind the boat. The boat they were behind just happened to be a kayak Eric was paddling. It actually worked though and the girls thought it was absolutely hysterical. They kept yelling "faster" and Eric was going at a pretty good rate until Miya hopped on the innertube too. One paddler and three passengers just wasn't a good combination.

Later in the day Michal christened the shallow part of the lake, near the shore, "the baby pool." She happily floated in her fish for the longest time. Kenna, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with the baby pool or the inflatable fish.

After dinner tonight my nephew Greer and I made banana boats -- bananas, chocolate chips and mini marshmallows wrapped in foil and cooked on the grill until they're all hot and gooey. In my humble opinion, banana boats are infinitesimally better than s'mores.

Kenna is in the purple suit and Michal is in pink. The handsome little boy to the right is our youngest nephew, Foster. The handsome, Zac-Efron-haircut-sporting boy with Michal is our almost-fifteen year old nephew, Bennett. He is over six feet tall, has a deep voice I don't recognize and is sweet, kind and loving. And the pretty banana-boat-eating little girl below is our niece, Miya.

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