July 1, 2008

Questions and a contest!

Some time ago my friend Kim opened up her blog to questions. It was fun for me to ask a few questions and it was fun to read her answers. So, I thought I'd do the same thing.

Here are the rules . . .

From now until July 9 you can ask me anything you want by leaving a message in the "Comments" section. (You can find it by looking at the left navigation bar or by just clicking on the word "Comments" here or above.) I will answer, within reason,* anything you want to ask.

Plus, and here's the fun part, if you do ask a question, or simply leave a comment to say hello, you'll be entered into a drawing for a piece of clothing from the Matilda Jane Fall line. It seems like an appropriate prize since the most-often asked question I receive is where I purchased something that the girls are wearing. Matilda Jane is currently my very favorite children's clothing brand and even though I haven't see the Fall line yet, I am positive it will be adorable!

(The girls have on Matilda Jane in the pictures on this page. The pictures were taken at the Chicago Botanical Garden recently.)

I am happy to send the prize outside the United States so, if you happen to live somewhere else, you're welcome to play along.

So there you have it. Ask a question, leave a comment, maybe win a really cute piece of clothing for a little girl or boy in your life!

* Mom, I reserve the right to not answer any questions that include words like "curfew," "disobey" or "how I managed to get an extra set of car keys from Kim when I wasn't supposed to be driving my car."

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