July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!

We started our Fourth of July morning perched on the curb watching our local parade, which included marching bands, bands in the back of pick up trucks, taxi cabs, fire engines and lots of red, white and blue! Many of the parade marchers throw candy to the kids and it was funny to see those who were all ready with their Ziploc bags so they could haul home their loot. Michal and Kenna didn't care about the candy -- maybe because I told them only Daddy can eat candy -- but they were thrilled with the blue pencil they got from the Kiwanis Club! After the parade we went to our town's annual ice cream social. "Ice cream" seems to be the theme for the Summer of 2008!

Later in the day we went to a Fourth of July party that included a kid's carnival, BBQ and fireworks display. We were joined by four other families and had a really great time.

Michal loved the slide -- as long as Eric or I would go down with her -- and pronounced it "fantastic!" each and every time she got to the bottom. Anna, Sophie and Lia went up and down the slide dozens of time and were so darn cute.

Anna landed with her dress all over the place and a huge smile on her face, Lia was all grace and composure and Sophie figured out how to slam against the clear plastic window at the bottom of the slide, kind of like something out of a Tom and Jerry cartoon.

I didn't think there was any way in the world the Michal and Kenna would sit and watch the fireworks outside since they shoot them off from the golf course, not all that far from where you sit, and they really are incredibly loud. They did great though and sat, with their hands firmly over their ears for the entire 25-minute show. At one point Michal's arms got tired so I covered her ears for her -- earplugs would have been such a great idea.

The best part of the fireworks were Michal and Kenna's running commentary . . . "Oh, look at that." "That's so pretty." "I like the umbrella ones." "That looks like Christmas." "Another firework!" "Another firework!" "I like orange." "Ooh, that's fancy."

It was hysterical.

All in all a really great Fourth of July!

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