July 15, 2008

The Full Monty

Today I told the girls we'd ride the train, have lunch, walk around a little and then take the train home again. It seemed like a simple, straight-forward plan ...

I consulted the train schedule, got us to the train station in plenty of time, found a parking space among the all-day-parked commuters and had us standing on the train platform with 10 minutes to spare.

Only one small problem. I had us on the wrong platform. There are a very small number of trains that board from the south side of the track and the train we wanted to be on just happened to be one of them. And since it pulled into the station at precisely the same time as a train going the opposite direction, there was absolutely no way to get across the train tracks before the train pulled away. So, I decided we'd get on the train going the other way. We didn't have much time so I lifted Kenna on to the train stairs and then hoisted Michal up behind her -- behind being the operative word. As I picked Michal up she gracefully hiked her skirt up as high as she possibly could and as she did I choked and gasped at the same moment. She had absolutely nothing, and I mean nothing, on underneath her skirt. I grabbed her as quickly as I could, pulled the skirt down and carried her to a seat where I held her on my lap for the duration of the train trip. I found an Old Navy, as soon as we got off the train, and bought her a striped hot pink and gray skirt that she could hike up all she wanted to without exposing anything but the attached shorts underneath.

It turned out to be a fun day, even if it wasn't exactly what I had planned. And Michal was thrilled she got a new skort.

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