July 16, 2008

Did you know that today is Spider Web Day?

This morning when we went outside Kenna announced, "Today is Spider Web Day!"

So, I asked, what seemed to be, the obvious question, "What is Spider Web Day?"

Kenna answered, "Spider Web Day is when I break spider webs with a stick."

Now curious, I asked, "Why do you want to break spider webs?"

Kenna replied, "Because I like spider webs."

So I continued, "Why do you like spider webs?"

Kenna thought for a moment and then said, "Umm. Because they're pretty."

So there you have it. Spider webs are pretty, which means you should break them and today is the day to celebrate all that.

Go grab yourself a stick . . .

And then this was our conversation this afternoon, on the way to the pool . . .

Me: Michal, when we go to the pool today are you going to swim under the water?

Michal: Mom, I'm a boat not a submarine.

Recently the girls and I were at the car wash and I told them that they were spraying our tires so they'd look fancy and this was the conversation that ensued:

Michal: "They're making our car fancy?"

Me: "Yes. They're making the car fancy."

Michal: "Is it pink and sparkly?"

Me: "No."

Kenna: (In a hopeful voice) "Gold?"

Me: "No."

Kenna: (Still sounding hopeful) "Orange?"

Me: "They didn't change the color of the car. They just made the tire shiny."

Michal: "So the car is still black?"

Me: "Yes."

Michal: "Are the tires pink?"

When we were in North Carolina, Michal was sitting in the back seat of the rental car, sighed loudly and then announced, "I'm sick of being small."

And finally, one of my favorite questions ever was when Kenna asked me,

"Mom, is this bird poop or toothpaste in the sink?"

For the record, it was toothpaste.

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