July 13, 2008

Chinapalooza 2 . . . the merriment continues.

Today we spent most of the day swimming with the group and then headed back to Michael and Ashleigh's for dinner. The girls played on the swing set and the much-coveted teeter-totter, and they also bounced around in a moon jump.

We also took group pictures tonight. Our travel group is actually from two different provinces. Most of us were together in Beijing and then we split and seven families, including ours, went on to Guangdong Province and the rest went on to Jiangxi province. We were reunited at the end of our trip in Guangzhou.

The picture above is of the four Guangdong girls who were at the reunion and the pictures below are of the whole group. It felt a lot like trying to take the red couch photos in China -- without the tears, teetering babies or complete lack of cooperation. I actually have to say that the girls did amazingly well sitting still and letting us all take their picture a zillion times. They smiled, made funny faces when I asked them to and hugged right on cue. They didn't all do it at the same time, but it was a vast improvement over our past group picture attempts.

We leave tomorrow morning so we'll miss the final event of the reunion but we have loved seeing everyone and have so appreciated the gracious hospitality of the North Carolina families who hosted us.

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