June 14, 2008

Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management Convocation Ceremony - Simply said . . . woo hoo!

Today was Eric's graduation ceremony. The ceremony was lovely and formal . . . and very long. I wonder who decided that it's imperative that lots and lots of people speak at a graduation ceremony and that each and every one of them speak for a really long time. And, most importantly, who decided that a graduation ceremony should last two hours and 47 minutes -- not that I was keeping track or anything.

The girls lasted exactly 45 minutes before I decided to take them out to the lobby where they joyfully ran a muck with dozens of other little ones who also gave up on sitting inside somewhere between the the keynote address and the Dean's remarks. The shoes came off and the bows became "graduation hats." Plus, joy oh joy, there was a ramp to run up and down.

We did go back in to see everyone, including Eric, receive their diploma. Michal just kept saying to Eric, who was nowhere near her, "Daddy, can I wear your hat?" I told her Eric couldn't hear her so she said it louder -- loudly enough that I'm sure just about everyone, including Eric, heard her. I guess I need to be more specific in the future when I say that someone can't hear her.

There was a really nice reception following the ceremony back at the Allen Center. The Center is a hotel and dining facility and it also houses the classrooms that are used for the MBA program. This is where Eric has lived every other weekend for the past two years. He gave us the grand tour and the last picture is the girls and Eric sitting in a "class." The girls now think Northwestern is the best college in the world because they both got Northwestern pencils, Northwestern water bottles and they figured out that the classrooms have Hershey's kisses in baskets by the door. They are both convinced that chocolate is always the mark of something really good.

Smart girls, my dynamic duo, smart girls.

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