June 4, 2008

Mangoes and coffee and ginger oh my!

Pineapples, mangoes, macadamia nuts, coffee, ginger, coconut, orchids, taro, guava, papaya, bananas, sugarcane . . . and a really-yummy mango pina colada smoothie! They were all at the Maui Tropical Plantation, which we toured this morning. Did you know that pineapple and sugar cane will no longer be grown as an income-producing crop on Hawaii within the next five to six years? It turns out there are other countries with similar climates that can grow these crops for less due to labor costs.

After the plantation we took a picnic lunch to Iao Valley State Park ("Iao" meaning "supreme light") where we saw the Iao needle (a volcanic dike). Iao Valley is a rain forest. We didn't go very far into it before we were shrouded in cool mist and wind. We wore bathing suits and intended to swim . . . but it was actually too cold!

Later in the afternoon we spent some time at the pool, went out to dinner and then watched the cliff diver at the Sheraton dive off the cliff at sunset.

Michal and Kenna, the last picture is for you. We saw this perfect rainbow as we were walking to a restaurant for dinner. You would have loved it!

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