June 9, 2008

Home again, home again . . .

So to those who have wondered, I sadly didn't get to stay longer in Maui. I know Eric would have happily agreed to let me stay longer if it wasn't for that pesky thing called work that expected him to come back today.

Our last morning Cara, Raegan and I checked out of the hotel and went to a very local restaurant for "World Famous Pancakes." It was recommended by a friend who used to live on Maui and is somewhere they go when they're back visiting. I can't say that they were the best pancakes I've ever eaten but the experience of being at a local "dive," with a view of the volcano, was great.

So now I'm home again. The flight from Hawaii to San Jose was uneventful and didn't even feel that long. I wish I could say the same thing for the flight from San Jose back to Chicago the next day. We were actually early, which would have been great if the airport weren't closed due to weather. Our pilot flew the plane in circles for nearly an hour before letting us know that we were being diverted to Kansas City to avoid running out of fuel. So after a detour to get fuel, and wait out the airport closure, we headed back to Chicago and arrived about two-and-a-half hours late.

I came home to a "Welcome Home Mommy" sign on the front door and a greeting committee of three happily waiting inside. The girls even had matching pony tails that Eric put in for them. And the funny thing is that looked bigger to me after just a week.

The girls had a great "Daddy Week" and Eric agreed that it was a lot of fun. They absolutely love to do "Daddy Projects," especially if they involve a screw driver or some other spiffy tool. I think the week involved lots and lots of the girls following Eric around "helping" him with whatever he was doing and lots of playing outside

They also went over to Chris and Ileana's house for dinner the night before I came home. My friend Kim was there too and sent me some pictures from the evening that are below.

So all in all our week was a success on all fronts and Michal and Kenna are now playing "Going to Hawaii" in their hula skirts.

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