June 5, 2008

The Feast at Lele

This morning we ate breakfast at the Plantation House, a restaurant on the Kapalua Golf Course. The view was simply incredible -- and the food was good too. (The picture above was taken from the big plantation windows beside our table.)

After breakfast we rented boogie boards and went to Flemming's Beach. The water was clear and beautiful and there were absolutely no waves. I guess you're not supposed to boogie board in a cove. (Did we detect the lifeguard laughing? I would have been if I was him.) We did find several pieces of coral though and taught Raegan how to do "bumper bottoms" underwater. (An important life skill if ever there was one!)

After the beach we drove along the coast until the road got so windy that we were all feeling just a bit nauseous. The views were spectacular though and worth a little queasiness. The water really is "that blue" and ever time we see it at least one of us remarks again all remarks again how unbelievably blue it is.

We came back early to get ready for our Luau, "The Feast at Lele." We were excited to see this Luau; it featured dances and traditional foods from Hawaii, Tahiti, New Zealand, and Samoa (and all the virgin pina coladas you could drink!).

Once again I ask . . . can we live here?

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