June 6, 2008

Come sail away.

Today was a great day . . . the perfect way to end a perfect week.

We started with a snorkel trip, on the Trilogy catamaran, to Molokini Crater. The water really was the color blue you see in the pictures below, and we could see a huge variety of fish, coral and anemones around the crater. Really incredible! We watched for the reef shark that we were told was lurking, but we never saw him.

The boat trip also took us to a second snorkeling location, along the southern Maui coast, where green sea turtles live. They can stay under water for about 15 minutes before surfacing to take a breath.

Cara had the great idea to go close to shore, far away from our boat, where she was sure we'd find turtles. We were what seemed like a mile away from our boat when we heard "turtle!" yelled by the boat crew. We swam as fast as we could but we couldn't make it in time to see the turtle. We did eventually find about four turtles though. Beautiful!

Our second stop was the road to Hana! It actually turned out to be a great activity. We didn't drive very far along the 55 mile road though . . . we actually made it exactly two miles. The first place we stopped though -- Twin Falls -- was just the walking-through-the-jungle-to-jump-in-a-pool-under-a-waterfall experience we were looking for. One of the pools had a rope swing that Raegan used with her best Tarzan moves.

We ended the day with a nice dinner at Roy's. Mahi mahi, chocolate souffle and a baked banana thing that was simply to die for.

This has been a spectacular week. Beautiful place. Great fun. Lots of laughs. An amazing opportunity to have no bigger responsibility than choosing where to eat dinner. It's really so hard to leave. I do hope we can come again!

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