June 13, 2008

A celebration . . .

Tonight we had the privilege of hosting seven of Eric's Kellogg classmates, and their families and friends, for a pre-graduation celebration at our home.

Two of the people who came went to Turkey and Dubai with Eric and the other five (in the photo above) were on his team for the two years of the program. Eric has spent countless hours with these people and as happy as he is to graduate, I know these are people he will miss greatly. They've all joked that they're going to continue their weekly conference calls just so they're sure to stay in touch.

It was a great evening -- wonderful people, good food and lots of little kids running around! Plus, despite predictions of severe thunderstorms, it didn't rain a drop.

After everyone had gone, the girls and I played in the carousel until they came to pick it up. Michal and Kenna both kept giggling that I was too big to be in the moon jump. (There was actually plenty of room for all three of us!)

Thank you Dirk, Sharon, Dave, Prem, Kamran, Jim, Pat, and your families and friends, for spending the evening with us! We loved having you.

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