May 10, 2008

What I learned from my mom. Happy, happy Mother's Day!

Don't run with scissors.

Don't use scissors to cut ants in half to see if they'll walk in two different directions.

Don't use scissors to cut your cousin's hair.

Don't cut your own hair or your Barbie's hair. It never works out the way you intended it to.

Every little girl needs a pair of red tennis shoes.

If you even think you might have to go to the bathroom you should come home before you get to the top of the neighbor's slide.

Planting flowers is always a good thing. Planting flowers in a garden shaped like a "K" is an even better thing.

Everyone needs an after-school snack.

You don't get paid for getting good grades, even if your friends do. You do get to go to a good college if you get good grades and that should be reward enough.

Having a potty mouth just shows the world that you're not intelligent enough to use more impressive words.

Precocious children grow up to be confident adults.

Being given an allowance is a privilege not a right.

You get $5.00 per week for gas and if you choose to drive your friends all over town than you'll have to figure out how to pay for more gas.

Ironing well is an art.

You can have a family dinner nearly every night even when you're busy.

The fork and napkin go on the left and the knife and spoon go on the right.

Manners matter.

Always, always, always send a thank you note.

Cherish your grandparents.

If you stay home sick from school you don't get to go out at night.

The pink flowers are always the prettiest.

Don't lean over the railing at the Grand Canyon. The same goes for railings on hotel balconies.

Rock-a-bye Baby can be sung to a 10-year old. You just rock the pillow instead of the "baby."

Spending your whole day reading is an exceptionally good use of your time.

Nancy Drew is fine literature.

Peanut butter, hot fudge and real vanilla ice cream make up their own food group.

Tomatoes and green beans always taste better when you grow them in your own garden.

Real chili has cinnamon in it and is served with beans, cheese and onions over spaghetti.

You should never paint posters for the football game on the kitchen floor unless you put something on the floor first.

If you pick up a few things off your bedroom floor every day, you won't have a giant mess to clean up later.

Compassion is an important virtue.

There's nothing as great as being a mom . . . until you become a grandma.

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