May 5, 2008

My Nocturnal Animals

The girls and I recently found a wonderful little "farm zoo" that's not too far from our house. There is a farm section with cows, pigs, goats, sheep, horses and llamas. Then there is a second area with rescued local animals including foxes, deer, peacocks, coyotes, raccoons and all sorts of birds -- kind of like our backyard. Seriously. Well minus the peacocks and deer.

The girls love the farm section and try really hard to feed the goats and sheep the hay that is all over the ground. They make all kinds of animal noises, point out every little interesting thing and basically just relish in the "farmness" of it all.

Today, when we were in the rescued animal section, the girls decided to play "nocturnal animals." They declared they were both owls and since it was daytime they needed to sleep. Thankfully, I only had to explain to one other mother why my children were lying on the benches with their eyes closed.

And if seeing animals weren't enough, there is also a train caboose to play on.

Joy oh joy!

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