May 21, 2008

Make a wish.

This morning Michal asked what we were doing today. I told her I wasn't sure so she said, "I have a good idea. Let's go to the mall."

"Let's go to the mall" definitely does not mean shopping for she and Kenna though. It means "let's play with toys and throw pennies."

We have a beautiful outdoor mall very near our house and the girls and I have a little routine when we go there. We head to Pottery Barn Kids first where they happily play for a little while. Then we head to Starbuck's for milk and sometimes madeleines. Next it's Land of Nod for a little more playing. Then we make our way to the various fountains where they throw in pennies. I actually carry a roll of pennies in my purse just for the fountains!

The top photo absolutely cracks me up. Michal is hugging Kenna so hard that her face is all squished and you can see her little fingers are literally smooshing into Kenna's arm.

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