May 30, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

We live in a town that happens to love parades. There is one for St. Patrick's Day, one for the Fourth of July, one for pets and, the granddaddy of them all, one for Memorial Day.

This year the girls got to be in the parade instead of just sitting on the curb watching the parade go by. We decorated their wagon, bought candy to give out to the kids along the parade route and met at the parade start along with high school bands, military bands, fire engines, politicians and scout troops. We were marching with the twins club I belong to so we were joined by other "doubles" also in strollers or wagons.

When it was finally our turn the girls asked about 10 times if we were "IN" the parade and then started waving like seasoned parade pros.

Then they wanted out of the wagon to hand out candy.

And I let them out.

You'd think I was new at this.

It's not easy -- actually it's nearly impossible -- to manage two children trying to slowly hand out candy, while flatly refusing one one bit of help, while also pulling a red-white-and-blue-emblazoned wagon. It is especially difficult when the 75-piece band behind you is literally about to run you over. And once out of the wagon Kenna never wanted in again. So, I got Michal back in and carried Kenna for the entire rest of the parade.

We'd arranged for Eric to meet us mid-route and I was so happy when he found us.

I put a ban on candy distribution and we finished the parade with Michal lounging solo in the wagon and Kenna being carried . . . and waving.

I think the post-parade cupcakes were probably the highlight for both of them.

Happy Memorial Day!

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