May 11, 2008

Better than my birthday.

Mother's Day was wonderful. There were flowers, three white phalenopsis orchids, a new camera lens, brunch and a trip to the Art Institute. All capped off by two glorious hours at Border's reading magazines all by myself.

We joined Chris, Ileana and Sophie for brunch downtown at a lovely hotel. Michal and Kenna appropriately "oohed" and "aahed" at the pretty chandeliers in the fancy restaurant, but were most impressed with the baby sitting at the table next to us. The baby was goo gooing at them and they were goo gooing back. Literally. They now have declared that they "speak baby." Just add it to the ever-growing list of "languages" they speak.

After brunch we went to the Art Institute. I loved being there. Kenna, on the other hand, wasn't quite so thrilled. She asked no less than twenty-five times, "May I go please?" Eric and I would laugh and tell her, "No. We're looking at the pretty art." She somehow wasn't impressed. It may have been because of all the "don't touch that" we were saying. She did however change her tune when we made it to the kid's area where she and Michal got to make an art project. Unfortunately, Michal fell off the stool she was sitting on while doing that art project, clunked her head on the floor and cried the entire drive home. Kenna, now an art museum convert, compassionately told her, "Michal, I like the art museum and want to go again but you don't have to go so you won't hurt your head."

When we got home I went to the bookstore and read magazines in complete and glorious silence for two full hours. Bliss.

Ahhh, Mother's Day.

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