April 5, 2008

Two at the Zoo

The girls and I went to the zoo today. They chose the zoo because they wanted to "go to the farm," do a craft and ride the carousel. Yep, with a zoo full of giraffes, dolphins, hippos and lions, my girls can't wait to brush a goat and see a cow. Really. They think the elephant is a little interesting, once showed a bit of interest in the polar bear, specifically because his white fur was greenish (algae in his hollow hairs for those of you who might be wondering) but joy at the zoo boils down to three things: crafts, the carousel and visiting the farm.

The zoo has a great indoor play zoo and they have a craft room there that the girls love. For the longest time they thought "The Zoo" was actually this indoor play space. I figured this out when we walked by it once, without going in, and they both cried that they wanted to go to "The Zoo." This indoor portion of the zoo is great in bad weather so we've been there, umm, a few times!

They've also learned that the carousel isn't always open so today they were screaming with joy when they saw it was running. The carousel animals don't have seat belts and when I plunked Michal on the waiting baboon she said to me, "Mommy, I'm a big girl and I don't need a seat belt. She then added, "And I don't need you to stand beside me."

So I stood in front of she and Kenna, facing backwards, so I could see them and ensure they didn't fall off that seat belt-less baboon or butterfly. Facing backwards on a carousel, watching animals go up and down, while taking pictures, probably isn't the best idea. By the end of the ride I was completely sick to my stomach but hey, I was ready to leap and grab either of them if they fell -- or at least take a good picture of the fall.

Our final planned stop was The Children's Zoo, "the Zoo Farm" in Michal and Kenna speak, and it was packed. The poor goats were all huddled in the feeding area where the mob of brush-wielding tots couldn't get at them. All except one lone goat who, as a result, was entirely surrounded by kids. The poor thing finally tried to walk away from all of them, but they just kept brushing him until he got safely to the feeding area. For a couple minutes Michal and Kenna just stood looking at the goats eating and then one of them spied one last goat. He was hiding between two benches, or maybe he was stuck in there. They climbed up on the bench and reached over so they could brush some more. Another man and I eventually moved the bench so the poor guy could escape. He ran as fast as he could to the safety of the feeding area.

On our way out the girls asked if they could paint their faces. So back into the play zoo we went. The girls spent a LONG time drawing on their faces. The pictures are on a separate page because I thought they were so funny and there are too many to fit here.

Michal has in a pink bow and Kenna's is green. Michal's shirt is pink gingham and Kenna's has orange sleeves.

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