April 2, 2008

My Splendid Sense of Direction

I managed to get the girls and I terribly lost on our way to the Children's Museum today. Embarrassingly, I've driven to this museum several times before and really do know how to get there. The freeway we were on was under construction and I missed our exit. I got off as soon as I'd realized my mistake and thought I'd just weave through some neighborhoods and get us to the museum. 45 minutes later we were still driving around in circles. I told Michal and Kenna that we were going to stop at Starbuck's so I could go inside and ask for directions and this is the conversation that ensued:

Michal: "Are we going in to Starbuck's with you or are you going in alone?

Me: Of course you're going in with me. I can't leave you in the car alone.

Michal: "I wouldn't be alone. I'd be with Kenna."

Me: "That wouldn't work. You're both little girls."

Michal: "Oh. Then can I get a chocolate milk?"

The helpful Starbuck's guy told us how to get to the museum . . . and got Michal her chocolate milk. We were about two blocks away. Geeez. And I really do -- usually -- have a great sense of direction.

Kenna's hair is in bear ears and Michal's is down.

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