April 20, 2008

Lost in translation.

Michal and Kenna are positive that they know how to speak French. They also believe they know how to speak Mandarin and Spanish. It's amazing what a few episodes of Dora, Ni Hao Kai Lan and a few of choruses of Frere Jacques will do for a couple of little girls.

The girls sing songs that are made up entirely of nonsense words and then tell me they were singing in French. They count to 10 in Mandarin but since Kai Lan only taught them to count to four they proudly add, "train, car, bus, house, dog and cat" to the list of numbers. They ask me all the time how to say words in Spanish and sometimes I know the answer but most of the time I don't.

Michal recently said to me, when Eric and Kenna were in another room, "Kenna loves Daddy because he is so . . . cute! He's acutea."

To which I said, "What does "acutea" mean?"

She answered, with a bit of how-could-you-possibly-not-know-what-that-means shock in her voice, "Mommy, it's cute in Spanish."

Oh, but of course it is.

Kenna's hair is in a clip and Michal's is in braids.

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