March 12, 2008

Twins Times Two

Today we met Mary-Mia and her girls, Rose and Marie at the Children's Museum. Mary-Mia also has twin girls who were born in China and we met in person for the first time almost a year ago.

It was so great to see her and see how much Rose and Marie have grown. The four girls were a blur of motion and at one point Mary-Mia and I literally just stood blocking the only exit from the area we were in so we could make sure no one escaped.

One of the funniest moments was when all four girls were playing at the sand table and a woman, in a somewhat shocked voice, asked Mary-Mia if she had two sets of twins. My favorite moment though was when we were eating lunch and I asked Michal if she knew if the little girl sitting across from her was Rose or Marie. She very confidently told me, "It's Marie. And then added, "She is SO cute!" And she was right. It was the oh-so-cute Marie.

One other nice part of the day was meeting Mary-Mia's mom Pat. (She's leaning on the wall in the photo below.) She was so great to bring lunch for us all and watch the girls so Mary-Mia and I could just stand and talk.

It was all over way too fast and it made me again wish we lived closer to one another.

Top picture is: Marie, Kenna, Rose and Michal. Michal has on the blue jacket and Kenna's is green.

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