March 22, 2008

Snow bunnies seek plastic eggs. No experience necessary. Apply within.

This is what happens when you get a snow storm two days before Easter. And heck, not everyone gets to look for Easter eggs in the snow.

This egg hunt was over in about 60 seconds. Seriously. We were back in the car on our way home at 1:10 p.m., precisely 10 minutes after the event began.

And this takes into account the time Michal and Kenna spent:

1. Hunting for eggs and not getting a single one because moving in the snow is really hard especially in a mob of kids;

2. Happily finding some eggs when an event worker dumped another bag of eggs right at their feet;

3. Gleefully cracking open the eggs to see what's inside;

4. Comparing egg booty with each other and trading things back and forth even though all the eggs had either chocolate eggs or googly-eyed stickers in them;

5. Walking back to the car through the snow and stopping every two feet to admire the footprints they made in the snow.

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