March 10, 2008

Seals and Sandcastles

I love Cambria. I love being here. I love the beautiful beaches, the abundant wildlife, the slow pace. I love how unspoiled it feels and how much natural beauty surrounds you. Being here always makes me want to move to the beach so I can breathe salt air every day.

And speaking of breathing, today we visited the elephant seals. The beach that the seals live on, at least when they're not in the water, is protected so you can't actually stand on it. Instead you stand above it on a little cliff and look down at the seals. The very first thing you notice when you're on the cliff is the the unbelievably-bad smell wafting up toward you. It's so bad that you have to breathe through your mouth, which then means -- as Cara pointed out -- that you start tasting the smell. Elephant seals are not delicate creatures and, how do I say this politely, they stink. But in spite of the smell, it's incredible to see them all lounging on the beach right below where you're standing.

As I'm writing this the girls are playing "seal." Kenna is feeding Michal, who is the baby seal, goldfish crackers and telling her to say, "arr, arr, arr" while asking her, "Baby seal, do you want to eat? I'll put it in your mouth."

Luckily the girls don't smell like the real seals. And that's something to love too.

P.S. Brennan asked Raegan to dump the bucket of water on his head. Just in case you're thinking, "Oh that poor little boy. Look what his sister did to him." :)

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