March 13, 2008

San Franciso

We spent the day today in San Francisco. Our friend Michele was able to come too, which was great!

We ate lunch, shopped a little and then rode the cable car -- the absolute highlight for Michal and Kenna. They were so excited to be on a cable car and nearly as excited that it was number four, since they are four and think all things with the number four are simply fabulous.

It started raining while we were on the cable car so as soon as we got off we bought six black umbrellas for $3.50 each. We walked only about two blocks before it stopped raining just as quickly as it had started. The girls thought the umbrellas were fabulous toys though so it wasn't $7.00 entirely wasted.

We made our way to Ghiradelli Square and ate ice cream. (The dish Michal has is a "small." Can you imagine a "large?") We admired the beautiful view of the ships in the Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge and then rode the cable car back to where we had started.

The girls then promptly asked to ride the cable car again. That's when I invoked the one-roundtrip-cable-car-ride-per-girl rule. Feel free to use it the next time you're in San Francisco.

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