March 17, 2008

Jump! And thank you.

Michal and Kenna have never been climbers -- well, except for the climb-on-the-dining-room-table-so-you-can-swing-on-the-chandelier incident when they were two -- but they have always been jumpers. They've jumped in their cribs from day one. In fact, our first trip to the emergency room was when Kenna was jumping in her crib and put her teeth through her bottom lip. They aren't picky about how or where they jump -- puddles, off stairs -- any place is just fine, but the gold standard of jumping is the trampoline. So, one of the highlights of going to visit Miss Cara is jumping on the trampoline in her backyard. Her trampoline is especially fabulous since Raegan jumps with the girls and teaches them all sorts of trampoline games. You've never heard so many giggles.

Today is our final full day in California -- and our last full day to jump on the trampoline. Tomorrow we make the four-and-a-half hour journey home on the airplane. Thankfully Michal and Kenna love to fly and do really well on the plane. I am far more restless than they are. When we've been on the plane about two-and-a-half hours I'm ready to be done but they are still happily coloring or watching a DVD.

This has been a great trip and I am so grateful to have a friend like Cara. Someday we'll be able to get in a car, or walk down the street, to visit each other. Until then, these airplane flights will have to suffice.

So thank you my dear friend for your hospitality, for your endless patience with two four-year olds running amuck in your house, for the many meals you prepared, for taking time to go away to the beach with us, for having sweet and kind children who love Michal and Kenna and, as always, for being my friend.

We'll come again soon.

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