March 5, 2008

Important things to know.

Kenna: "A bird horse is called a pegasus."

Michal: "No it's called a borse."

Kenna: "A pegasus says, "neigh. tweet. neigh. tweet."

Me: "That's good to know."

It has been a really long, really snowy, really cold winter. We've had a couple days of sun and warmer temperatures so the snow has started melting. Melting snow makes lots of puddles, which makes two little girls with new rain boots extremely happy.

And a huge thank you to Eric's cousins Stacy and Stephanie who made Michal and Kenna the positively-adorable tutus they're wearing to play in the puddles. Both Stacy and Stephaie have jobs and husbands and one darling little boy apiece so I'm not sure when they found time to make my duo tutus but we're really glad they did.

(Kenna's tutu is pink and green and Michal's is blue and purple. It's Michal in the picture above.)

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