March 15, 2008

Here comes Peter Cottontail . . .

We went to a great egg hunt and carnival this morning. The girls joined throngs of four- and five-year old easter-egg hunters in a two-minute egg grab. It seriously took two minutes for the flock of kids to descend on the field, fill their baskets, pick the grass clean and return to their parents. If you blinked, you missed it.

The funniest part was watching the adults. There was a DJ and he must have told the parents twenty times to stay off the field and let the kids find the eggs alone. To underscore his point, the entire field had a rope around it, which we were reminded to stand behind. Despite his numerous reminders, many parents just couldn't stand it and went onto the field to "help" their little one load up their baskets. Some slowly "snuck" onto the field, maybe believing that if they didn't move too quickly no one would notice they were out there. Others were much more brazen in their approach and just marched onto the field and started coaching junior in the finer points of more aggressive egg seeking.

The girls also played all sorts of carnival games, rode ponies and jumped in the moon jump. It rained on us briefly but we had the trusty $3.50 San Francisco umbrellas with us so we were nice and dry.

We all definitely had a hippity-hoppity good time!

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