March 25, 2008

The Dance of the Pink Fuzzy Bunny Capes.

My parents sent the girls an Easter box that they absolutely loved! They loved what was in the box but they literally loved the box too and spent hours playing in it.

The box had two huge Easter bunnies in it -- promptly named Sophie and Sophia -- and two pink furry capes, lined in satin, with frog closures down the front, that my mom made for them. The capes look like what she wore as a little girl and Michal and Kenna adore them.

They immediately started referring to the capes as their "pink fuzzy bunny capes," presumably because they arrived in the Easter box and are pink and fuzzy.

These pictures were taken after Easter brunch. They were not in any way prompted and instead are Michal and Kenna being, well, Michal and Kenna. I was laughing so hard as they leaped and hopped and twirled down the sidewalk that I was afraid the pictures would be blurry. I am sure we were good Easter entertainment for anyone who happened to be walking out of brunch at the same time we were.

So here, I give you, "The Dance of the Pink Fuzzy Bunny Capes."

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