March 4, 2008

19 years ago.

We met on a blind date.

We went to a wedding on our first date. No pressure in that setting, especially since my parents were at the wedding too.

My mom says she knew the minute Eric walked in the door -- yep, I was home from college and he had to pick me up at my parents' house -- that he was "the one."

I thought he was "the one" pretty quickly too.

We'd known each other exactly one month when he drove to California to pick me up and bring me, and all my stuff, home for the summer.

It was during this trip that I asked him where things were going with us. Bold little thing wasn't I?

We dated long distance for two years and got married after three.

We got engaged, unengaged and then re-engaged a year later, but never broke up.

We had an enormous wedding with nine attendants each and nearly 400 guests. It was the 80s after all.

We were absolutely, positively barely 13 and 14 when we got married because that would make us just 32 and 33 now and that sounds good to me.

And yes, without a moment's hesitation, I'd do it all again.

Happy anniversary.

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