February 12, 2008

We heart Susan . . . and our new "girls."

My friend Susan makes THE MOST adorable dolls. They're unique and special and make you smile when you look at them..

When my grandmother passed away one of the things I received was a hand-stitched petticoat that had belonged to my great great grandmother. The workmanship in the skirt is amazing and I absolutely loved it but wasn't quite sure what to do with it since I don't have many opportunities to wear a full length petticoat. Then I had an idea and asked Susan if she could make us two dolls and use some of it to dress them.

And she did. She also used a portion of each of the outfits Michal and Kenna wore on Adoption Day and fabric from their big girl room and put it all together in her signature style to create two positively-adorable dolls that are super meaningful to us.

When the dolls arrived the girls were so excited. The pictures below are from when we opened the box Susan sent. In addition to the dolls, she also made them both adorable little doll quilts. They immediately wrapped the dolls up in the quilts and told me that, "Mommy, these are girls not babies. And they like being wrapped up upside down." File that one under, "Things I Didn't Know."

And then they continued, "I like that they're fancy." "I like the heart on their mouths. You know Mommy, hearts mean love." "And I like the checks on their cheeks." "And I like the fuzzy orange part on their cheeks." "And look Mommy, their shoes come off. Their shoes are mary janes. I have mary janes." And on and on and on.

To say that they are smitten with these dolls is an understatement. So thank you Susan for making something so special for us!

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