February 16, 2008

This morning.

This morning Michal and I went out to breakfast and ran some errands, just the two of us. With my full attention, and no one to interrupt her, she was a non-stop string of questions. Here are just a few:

Michal: "Do dogs have teeth?"

Me: "Yes, dogs have teeth?"

Michal: "Do stuffed dogs have teeth?"

Me: "No, stuffed dogs don't have teeth."

Michal: "Oh, they just have tongues?"

Me: "Yes, they just have tongues."

Michal: "So, do the dogs chew like Michal or like a dog?"

Me: "They chew like dogs."

Michal: "Dogs don’t need a spoon. They don’t have hands They have paws. And stuffed dogs have paws and a mouth and a tail."

Me: "That's right."

Michal: "Do dogs have lips?"

Me: "I guess they do."

Michal: "Big lips or little lips?"

Me: "Very little lips."

Michal: "Do they use little girl lip gloss or dog lip gloss?"

Me: "Dogs don't use lip gloss."

Michal: "I think they use dog lip gloss."

Michal: "I want to be a brown and purple dog. In a brown and purple costume made of fabric. And pink. Pink spots on there."

Me: "OK."

Michal: "What is Sophie’s mommy’s name?"

Me: "Her name is Miss Ileana."

Michal: "Is her name Kristi like our mommy?"

Me: "No. "

Michal: "Yes it is."

Me: "Michal, you know Miss Ileana. That's Sophie's mommy."

Michal: "Mommy, we’re just pretending."

Me: "Oh.

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