February 11, 2008

It's good to be back.

The girls and I went to their music class today, which in and of itself is no big deal, but since it's the first time we've left the house -- other than to go to the doctor -- in 12 days it was wonderful!

I got the real-true-fever-for-six-days-can't-get-out-of-bed-kick-you-in-the-fanny flu and exactly 24 hours later both Michal and Kenna had it too. They were so sick we had to postpone their birthday party.

Thankfully, we are all well now and the girls are just regaining their stamina. It's kind of funny because the girls who stopped napping at age two have decided that afternoon naps, each in a corner of the couch, are kind of a good thing after all. I know if won't last but boy does it make me long for those days when they did nap.

We celebrated Chinese New Year in their class today. We brought lanterns and Hung Bao (little red envelopes given to children at Chinese New Year celebrations) and all the kids marched around with their lanterns to a Chinese song. It was very cute. And after class Michal and Kenna danced and spun on the "very beautiful marble floor" underneath the "pretty ceiling that is peeling" in one of the rooms in the mansion where the class is held. They love their music class and they are equally enamored with the beautiful building it's held in.

By the looks of these pictures I think they were as happy as I was to finally get out of the house. Unfortunately, we are having miserable weather -- very cold and snowing again -- so it was to music class and right home again.

Michal is in red and Kenna is in blue.

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