February 26, 2008

An Interview with Michal and Kenna

Me: "What's your very favorite food?"

Michal: "Airplane crackers."

Kenna: "Yogurt . . . with cinnamon."

Me: "What's your favorite color?"

Michal: "Rainbow."

Me: "I thought it was purple."

Michal: "I changed my mind."

Kenna: "Orange."

Me: "I thought it was blue."

Kenna: "It's orange now."

Me: "What do you like to do?"

Michal: "Crafts, have my fingernails painted, sing, gymnastics, go down the slide, read books, color and play with Playdoh."

Kenna: "Crafts, puzzles, watch Hi-5, play firefighter, have my fingernails painted, sing, read books, cook with Mommy, fly in an airplane."

Me: "Anything else?"

Michal: "I love you. That's the end."

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