February 29, 2008

I'm really not THAT old.

Today the girls and I went to the mall. It was cold and our mall is outdoors. I'm not entirely sure why they built an outdoor mall in Chicago but they did and I actually really like it. (If you ask Eric, he'll probably tell you I actually really love it.) It works pretty well since there is no practical way to take off your coat -- and still have any hands left to manage little ones -- in each overly-heated store, Going outside actually allows you to cool off a bit between blasts of hot air.

But I digress.

We parked right outside Abercrombie & Fitch and needed to walk through the store to get to the other side of the mall and Williams-Sonoma, our intended destination. As we approached the back entrance Kenna keenly observed that it was a store with a swirly "and symbol" on the sign. I however couldn't tell because my eyes were watering from the gallons of cologne oozing out the doors. Against my better judgement, and in spite of the smell, we went inside. And there, across the entire wall, in near life size, was a black and white picture of four guys leaping and jumping on the beach, one with his pants falling down so you could see his butt crack. Nice. Very nice. Thankfully Michal and Kenna were busy commenting on the blaring music and not at all interested in a picture of a young man baring his bottom for the world to see. We made our way through the store -- which is lit like you're having dinner at a french restaurant -- probably so you don't actually see that the $80 sweatshirt has holes in it. Just before the front entrance was a second life-size photo of the bum-baring man and his friends but my two were still singing and dancing to the loudly-playing music and completely oblivious to scantily clad men in photographs.

I am old, aren't I?

And here are a few other tidbits from the mall:

Michal: "Mommy, a chimp is a monkey with girl ears."

Michal: "Do humming birds hum like girls (hums in case I'm not sure exactly how it is that a girl hums) or do they hum a different way?"

And then tonight when I gave Kenna her dinner she looked at me with complete sincerity and said, "But you didn't say, 'Here you are Madame.'" (Note to self: If you do something once for the girls they will expect you to do it for the next hundred times too.)

And then the award for "best excuse for not going to sleep" goes to Kenna who tonight told me that, "Mommy, we're nocturnal animals" when I told she and Michal to please stop talking and go to sleep.

Now if I can just keep them both out of Ambercrombie & Fitch for the next, oh, 20 or so years.

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