February 24, 2008

Celebrating four . . . times two!

Today was Michal and Kenna's fourth birthday party and it was truly a great day. Twelve of their friends came to our house for an afternoon of cupcakes, crafts and lots of jumping, dancing, giggling, singing and just having fun. The highlight of the afternoon was a concert in our family room by Ralph, of Ralph's World, who is the girls' absolute favorite.

When the girls arrived we made picture frames and then they all played for a little while before Ralph arrived. Michal and Kenna were so excited that he was coming that they were kneeling at the front door, peering under the birthday banner hanging outside, just watching for him to walk up the driveway. When we opened the door they both introduced themselves, shook his hand -- while he jumped up and down pretending they were lifting him -- and then they both just looked at him very wide-eyed like they couldn't quite believe he was at the door.

The concert was fun and funny and all the little girls seemed to have a great time. Ralph was so good with the girls -- as you would expect -- and, I will admit, I think I enjoyed it just as much as they did. Kenna danced and sang and knew every word of every song. She was absolutely hilarious. But the highlight for me was when Michal just couldn't stand it anymore and ran up and hugged Ralph's leg in the middle of a song. He just kept singing while looking and me and saying, "It's OK."

The girls requested cupcakes instead of cakes so I made chocolate with purple sprinkles for Michal and vanilla with blue sprinkles for Kenna. All the girls ate cupcakes and drank chocolate, strawberry or plain milk and then ran off to play again. That is all of them except Michal. Michal asked me for a second cupcake then sat at the table, by herself, joyfully eating it.

We then opened gifts, Kenna passed out the party favors and our very special day was over.

There is simply nothing like the unbridled joy of four. Nothing.

Happy birthday girls. Happy, happy birthday.

(Michal is in purple and Kenna is in pink.)

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