January 13, 2008

Tea for five . . .

Today Kim, Ileana, Stacy and I took our daughters to afternoon tea.

These three women have become cherished friends and it was really fun to do something so "girly" together with our girls.

Kim, Ileana, Stacy and I all waited for our referrals together and then we all became first-time mothers in the same year. Now that our girls are all talking and actually interacting with each other, it's even more fun.

Ella and Sophie Mei are now two and a half, Sophie is three and my girls are the seniors in the group at the ripe-old-age of four.

Michal informed me on the drive home that, "Sophie Mei's mommy is my favorite friend." And I'm sure Stacy is now her very best friend since she shared mini Oreos and twizzlers with her . . . after Michal had systematically found every single chocolate item on the tea trays. A girl after my own heart.

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