January 5, 2008


Michal is smitten with macaroni and cheese. And the more exotic, the more "fancy," the less kid-like, the better she likes it. She can tell you what type of noodle she prefers -- penne, in case you're wondering -- and she is very insistent that "good" macaroni and cheese has stringy cheese on top of it melted just enough that it will lift into ridiculously long strings but not so melty that it -- gasp! -- actually melts into the pasta.

My favorite mac-and-cheese moment was when she and Kenna decided to eat with chopsticks and she ate every last bite of her macaroni, one noodle at a time, using those chopsticks. She wouldn't let me put the little plastic thingy (a technical term) on the chopsticks so they'd stay together so you can imagine just how long we sat at the table.

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