January 1, 2008

Happy (It's snowing and only six degrees outside today!) New Year.

It started snowing yesterday and it's still snowing today. And it's cold. Single-digit-before-the-windchill cold! The girls have been asking to build a snowman for a few days and since we finally have enough snow -- and a newly-purchased bag of carrots -- we bundled them up and went outside to make our very own New Year's Frosty.

Sadly, the snow was fluffy and dry and perfect for skiing but terrible for making a snowman. It wouldn't stick together at all. So the girls "skiied" in the yard, made snow angels and then we piled in the car in search of an open store to buy a sled. Four stores and a stop for lunch later, we were the proud owners of a shiny, new blue sled with a steering wheel and siren.

We went to the sled hill and Michal couldn't wait to get on the sled . . . but not the hill. Kenna didn't even want on the sled . . . she just wanted to pull Michal. I was so dang cold I thought I was going to die. We lasted about 10 minutes. It was a fun, snow-filled day anyway and heck, we're now the proud owners of a shiny new sled.

Happy 2008!

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