January 29, 2008

File this under, "Things I never thought I'd say."

I've said, "Don't run with scissors" -- more than once. I've told the girls to "eat their vegetables" and I've said, "Don't sit so close to the t.v." But tonight at the dinner table, even as the words tumbled out of my mouth, I couldn't believe what I was saying.

So, what little pearl of wisdom did I share? "Michal, stop eating lke a dog."

Yep. I'm now instructing my children, well just one of them anyway, to not eat like Fido. And she WAS eating a like a dog. Face completely in the bowl, lapping up her food like, well, a dog.

And after I asked her not to eat like a dog, she simply said, "But I like eating like a dog."

These pictures are of the girls at music class. Michal is in brown and blue and Kenna is in brown and pink.

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