December 30, 2007

The things that make me smile.

When we were in China I bought several Chinese children's books that have photographs of toys or food and the word for what is pictured in Chinese, Pinyin and English.

When we read the girls the book we say this is a ball, for example, and in Chinese you would say "qiu." Now I'm positive both Eric and I massacre the pronunciations but at least the girls get the idea that words are said differently in different languages.

I recently walked in on Kenna reading the book to herself and this is what I heard: "This is a car. In Chinese you would say, "vroom, vroom."

Since the girls have been able to talk they have pointed to the Starbuck's logo and said, "It's Mommy with a crown." (And just in case you've ever wondered, that woman is actually a two-tailed mermaid, or siren.)

Unfortunately, they usually say this in a crowded Starbuck's in earshot of everyone else in line. I usually get at least a couple giggles or smiles from the people around us.

The girls also decided I was the woman on the cover of the Container Store closet catalog. They carried it through the entire store and insisted on bringing it home with us. I will admit that the woman on the cover and I do look like we could be related.

And once, Kenna pointed to a picture of Jennifer Aniston in a magazine I was reading and said, "Look, it's Mommy." Boy, that was a happy day for me! I think I promised her a car on her 16th birthday for that one.

And speaking of 16, that's exactly how old the girls think both Eric and I are. This is because they know that you have to be 16 to drive, and Mommy and Daddy can both drive, so we must be 16. The logic is circular but I've conveniently failed to correct them. And heck, Eric did get carded at a restaurant the other night . . .

Michal has decided to call me "Mom" instead of "Mommy." Because I reacted the first time she did it, she now believes that it's an incredibly funny thing to do. She says it quickly so it sounds more like Mum than Mom, which is funny because I've always loved hearing someone British call their mom "mum."

The girls come up with funny sayings but the one that they use the most is, "That's a fly boat." or "That would be a fly boat." (A fly boat is what the Wonder Pets travel in when they save baby animals.) This is said before or after they do something that's funny. Like when one of them is about to go down the slide backwards the other one will tell her, "Oh. that would be a fly boat." Or when Kenna is about to eat out of the jar of soy butter she'll say, "Oh, I can't eat out of the jar, that would be a fly boat." This is usually followed by peals of laughter. The worst part though is that I've started saying it too.

The girls also both say "I'm stilling." This is usually in response to me asking something like, "Are you done eating?" To which they'll respond, "No. I'm stilling." In other words, I'm still eating. You've got to love a completely made-up verb.

Michal is completely obsessed with babies, not baby dolls, but real babies. She can spot a baby in a stroller a mile away. She recently told me that she really, really wants a baby. I asked her if she meant a real baby or a baby doll and this is the conversation that ensued:

Michal: "I want a real baby."

Me: "Honey, I don't have a real baby."

Michal: "That lady pushing the baby stroller has a real baby."

Me: "Yes, that's her baby and we can't have other people's babies."

Michal: "But I want a real baby."

Me: "I know you do but you have a baby doll."

Michal: "Mommy, can't you just go ask her if we can have her baby?"

Me: "Umm. No."

Kenna has a really funny dry sense of humor. The other night at bed time Michal was crying and Kenna walked over to her and said, "batteries out" while pretending to take batteries out of her to "turn off" the crying. Michal was not amused. I thought it was hysterical.

Another time Michal was patting Kenna and remarked, "Kenna, I'm patting you like a dog" to which Kenna said, "Like a dog? I am not a dog. Pat me like a girl."

The girls both love to sing. They both, and Kenna especially, make up songs all the time. Here is an actual example:

"We're going to the mall. We're going in the car to the mall. We're going to ride on the train. Then we're going back home. And we're going to eat lunch in a restaurant."

"Wasn't that a beautiful song Mommy?"

The other morning Michal came downstairs first and I asked her if Kenna was still asleep or if she was awake too. she responded, "She's awake. I sang lots of songs until she woke up."

One of the girls' favorite books is "Otto Has a Birthday Party." In the book there is a picture of a dacshund, that stretches across two pages, that they call a wiener dog. The girls now call anything that's long a "wiener (fill in the blank)."

Their choice of adjective is particularly interesting when they use it loudly in public. For example, we were at a store and Kenna said, "Look at that man's wiener shoes." I replied, "Yes Kenna, his shoes are very nice." To which she continued, "Mommy, they're HUGE wiener shoes."

Yeah, we're quite a spectacle in public.

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