December 22, 2007

Sister Shopping

This is the first year that we've taken the girls to buy presents for each other. The girls and I talked about it for several days before we went and, at one point, when Michal and I were alone, I asked her what she wanted to get for Kenna. She answered, without a moment's hesitation, "celery." I told her I didn't think that Kenna really liked celery and that she might want to think of something else. She thought for a moment and then told me, "a snow globe." I asked Kenna the same question a little later and she answered, just as quickly as Michal had, "a snow globe."

As funny as their answers were, they didn't surprise me one bit. We've watched "The Wonder Pets Save the Reindeer" at least once per day since December 1st and the girls literally have the entire show memorized. (If you're not familiar with the Wonder Pets, it's a show about three classroom pets -- Linny the Guinea Pig, Tuck Turtle and Ming-Ming duckling -- who save baby animals after the school kids have gone home. Eric says the show reminds him of taxidermy but the girls and I love it!) In the Christmas episode the Wonder Pets each open one gift -- before saving one of Santa's reindeer from the cracking ice -- and Linny gets celery and Tuck gets, you guessed it, a snow globe.

I had originally intended to take each of the girls alone to a local toy store to shop for their sister but knowing that each wanted to buy a snow globe the plan changed. I found a music box store that sells snow globes at a mall about 30 minutes away. All four of us went to the mall and I took each of the girls in alone to look at the snow globes while Eric walked around with the other one. They looked and shook and shook and looked. Michal went first and after lots of consideration she finally said, "I want to get this one for Kenna and this one for me." After I explained we were just buying a gift for Kenna, she made her final choice and helped me pay. I then went and got Kenna and did the whole thing again. I literally laughed out loud when Kenna chose the exact same snow globe for Michal that Michal had chosen for her. Even funnier was on Christmas morning when the girls unwrapped their snow globes and the boxed ones that the clerk had given us were not the ones the girls had chosen but were still identical. And, even better, they play "Jingle Bells," their mutual favorite Christmas song.

The first three pictures are of Kenna and the last two are of Michal.

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