December 24, 2007

Our Christmas Morning

This has been the first year that the girls have taken in every moment of Christmas with total, unbridled joy. They've liked Christmas the past two years -- they've liked it a lot! -- but this year has been different.

They've gotten up each and every morning yelling, "It's Christmas time." They've said daily, "Mommy, you made it look like Christmas in here." They've sung "Jingle Bells" incessantly. They've talked about when they saw Santa outside in the snow. They've ridden in a sleigh, played sleigh and pretended that our car was a sleigh being pulled by flying reindeer. They've made gingerbread houses and baked cookies. They've commented on each and every Christmas light, blow-up snow globe and animated deer decorating the front yards of the homes we drive by. They've decorated, undecorated and re-decorated their little tree again and again. They've loved just about anything they could see, or we could do, that seemed like Christmas.

All this to say that Christmas morning this year was really magical. Santa, being the smart jolly-old-elf that he is, knew we were leaving for Arizona on Christmas Eve afternoon and brought Kenna and Michal's presents a day early. So when the girls woke up on Christmas Eve morning, Santa had been there, had eaten three-and-a-half cookies and left behind a couple presents for each of them too! Or, as Kenna put it, "Santa Claus came to OUR town."

We opened stockings first and the girls oohed and aahed and wanted to immediately play with anything they'd opened. They then opened gifts from Santa, from Mommy and Daddy, from Miss Cara and from each other. Watching them was absolutely priceless. And when we were done with Christmas, we opened birthday presents too since today is my birthday.

I think they were equally excited that they were going to fly on an airplane -- their 19th flight! All in all it was a really wonderful day.

We hope your day was wonderful too. Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

In the top picture Michal is on the left and Kenna is on the right. In the photos below Kenna is reaching in the stocking and Michal is opening the present. It's Michal "helping" Kenna open Sally the Porche. (Kenna's mouth is open.) The first picture of them alone is Michal and the one below it is Kenna. If you can see a hair clip, Kenna's is a flower and Michal's is a rectangle.

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