December 8, 2007

Oh what fun it is to ride in a two-horse open sleigh!

Today we went to see Santa and ride in a horse-drawn sleigh through the snow. There was something magical about Santa sitting outside surrounded by snow. The girls saw him and walked right up to him. Without waiting for Santa to say a word, Michal looked right at him and said, "I want a baby with a pacifier and a Magna Doodle that draws with cars." She didn't even stop to take a breath! It was hysterical! I think Santa was a bit taken aback and simply said, "OK." He then asked Kenna what she wanted and she answered, "a Christmas car." (The "Christmas car" she's talking about is a stuffed, blue, Sally the Porsche from the movie "Cars." She saw it at TJMaxx and carried it through the store the entire time we were there. She REALLY, REALLY wanted this car. I told her that she could ask for it for Christmas. And so was born "the Christmas car!" And in case you're wondering, Santa will be bringing the "Christmas car.")

I then went to take their picture and when I said, "smile," Michal said, "Wait, wait! I want to sit on Santa's lap." Kenna then chimed in, "I want to sit on Santa's lap too!" So I waited while they both climbed up on Santa's lap to have their picture taken.

We then stood in line to ride on the sleigh. It only held about 12 people, the line was long and it was 22 degrees outside. Eric and I just kept laughing that neither of us put on boots or real gloves despite that we have an entire back closet full of winter garb. To put it mildly, we were freezing! The girls did have on real boots and mittens and didn't seem to mind the cold at all.

We sat in the first seat of the sleigh right behind the driver. The girls immediately started singing, "Jingle Bells" at the top of their lungs. We'd been riding for just a few minutes when Michal said, 'I want the horses to fly." I told her the horses didn't know how to fly. She thought about it for a minute and said, "Oh yeah. Horses only walk. Santa's reindeer fly." I think she really thought we were going on a flying sleigh ride. She then very quietly sat her stuffed dog on the seat in between the two drivers. She smiled and said, "Bingo wants to drive the sleigh too."

Well, horses can't fly but stuffed dogs can drive sleighs. The magic of Christmas.

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