December 10, 2007

Oh Christmas tree!

When I was little -- and even kind of big -- I used to beg my parents to leave the Christmas tree up even after Christmas was over. My seceret -- or maybe it wasn't so secret -- goal was to have the tree stay up until Valentine's Day. My parents never went along with my plan but they would leave the tree up a little past Christmas until finally there were as many needles on the floor as there were left on the tree.

Once Eric and I got married and started getting our own trees, I wasn't nearly as focused on keeping the tree up until Valentine's Day. I guess once you're the one responsible for the mess you're perspective changes some. Even as an adult though I love decorating the tree.

The girls and I decorated our "big tree" together. They were very particular about how and where they hung ornaments and wanted me to lift them up so they could hang ornaments on the top and not just on the bottom where they could reach without my help. The funniest part of decorating the tree was when Michal got her stuffed dog Bingo and tried to put a hook on him so she could hang him like an ornament. That didn't work so well. So she then tried to tie him to the tree by his ears. Again, not such a successful idea. Finally, she decided she was going to just lay him on the tree.

Me: "Michal, why is Bingo on the tree?"

Michal: "The tree is his cradle and he's taking a nap."

Me: "Oh. Could he take a nap somewhere else?"

Michal: "No. He's laying under his baby toy."

Me: "His baby toy?"

Michal: "Mommy, the ornament is his baby toy."

Me: "Could he lay on the table and look at a different baby toy?"

Michal: "No. That's his favorite baby toy."

How lucky for Bingo that his favorite baby toy just happend to be an ornament hanging on the Christmas tree.

After we finished the big tree the girls then decorated their "Michal and Kenna" tree by themselves. (They've continued to undecorate and redecorate it numerous times since too!) We made glittered wooden mittens and stars for their tree, along with candy canes, the little bird nests I made last year, stuffed bird I made this year, M's and K's and some ribbon for the top.

Last year the Michal and Kenna tree sat up on the kitchen counter where they couldn't reach it -- the tree was incredibly prickly and it hurt my hands every time I touched it -- but this year it's down on the floor where they can "play" with it all they want.

We actually have a third tree too. The community we live in has a more than 50-year old tradition of putting a cut, real tree in your front yard with the big multicolored Charlie Brown lights on it. The majority of homes participate and it's really beautiful to look down the streets and see all the trees lit up.

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